The museum plays host to a conference on climate change just as the staff gets the idea to create an exhibit on the same. Nat is assigned to do advanced research while the world’s experts inhabit the building.

On the eve of the conference, a mysterious visitor arrives at the museum. She begins noticing the polar bears have all gone missing from the museum displays. Is Aurora detective, suspect, or just someone who likes opening a closed door?

Aurora and Nat team up, figuring the missing bears are just a prank for the conference, but they soon learn the mystery is much bigger that that. There is a game being played, and to join in, they are going to travel across the world, witness the past, and glimpse at possible futures. Luckily, all expenses are paid. Curiously, neither remembers agreeing to play.


Episodes 1 to 6 are available for your listening pleasure. The story will continue in early 2015 with Episode 7: The Game Maker.

Organization Name: 
International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks
UA Museum of the North
Project Lead: 
Maribeth S. Murray
Key Personnel: 
Roger Topp
Kelsey Gobroski
Theresa Bakker