EcoChains: Arctic Crisis


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The Arctic is a special place that's full of unique animals who depend on sea ice to live. It's also one of the fastest changing places on Earth. How do these changes affect the ecosystem, what can the animals do to survive, and how can you help?

EcoChains: Arctic Crisis is a fun and easy-to-learn card game for all ages. In this 2-4 player game of strategy and survival, players build an Arctic marine food web, learn about the importance of sea ice, and see the potential impact of future changes on the ecosystem.

What players are saying:

“I was amazed by how interconnected the entire system of Arctic species are, and realized how much would be affected by just a few minor changes.”

 “I certainly felt an adrenaline rush as I kept the possibility of a major disaster impacting my web at the forefront of my mind to strategize the best possible food web combination.”

lllustrations by Bree Westphal; design by Eduard Matamoros.

Resources for Educators:

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EcoChains: Arctic Crisis can be purchased at  Are you an educator?  Contact us at for special classroom pricing!

PoLAR Partners are also working with scientists at the Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Station in Antarctic to develop a version of the game that will focus on the Western Peninsula marine ecosystem.  An Arctic terrestrial of the game us planned for later development as well.

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