Online Professional Development for Teachers: Climate Change


The American Museum of Natural History's online teacher professional development course on Climate Change explores the science of climate change, with a special emphasis on the important role played by the polar regions. Middle and high school teachers learn how the climate system works; what factors cause climate to change across different time scales and how those factors interact; how climate has changed in the past; how scientists use models, observations and theory to make predictions about future climate; and the possible consequences of climate change for our planet.  Teachers learn about valuable resources, tools, and activities that can be implemented in their classrooms, and also contribute to a curriculum repository.  

A related series of online courses for adults is also available.  For more information, please visit AMNH's Our Earth's Future course page on Coursera. 


AMNH recently launched a curriculum collection on polar climate change, developed by educator's who completed the online course!  These lesson plans are teacher tested and ready to use in the classroom.  

The AMNH course for teachers is offered several times throughout the year.  For more information, and to register, visit the AMNH Climate Change course webpage.

Stipends are available!  We are looking for 100 science teachers to participate in our Seminars on Science Climate Change program. Each participant will receive a $500 stipend to offset the cost of completing the online course about climate change. The course is available for graduate credit at several of our partner institutions for an additional cost.

Please complete this form to apply. Selected participants will be notified on a rolling basis.

Organization Name: 
American Museum of Natural History
Project Lead: 
Robert V. Steiner, Ph.D.
Key Personnel: 
Rosamond Kinzler, Ph.D.
David Randle, Ph.D.
Maria Janelli
Daniel Wolff