SMARTIC (Strategic Management of Resources in Times of Change)


Based on the approach of the US Navy's Fleet Arctic Operations Game, participants take on the roles of key Arctic stakeholders in this marine spatial planning activity.  Players set resource and development priorities based on changing conditions in the region, and negotiate to resolve conflicts and manage competing interests.  The game is currently available as a facilitated classroom activity via the CAMEL website.  The Real-World Games Lab at Teachers College is developing Arctic Saga, a multi-player board game version of SMARTIC, and a digital tabletop version is being developed through a collaboration with the Kiel Future Ocean group in Germany. An Antarctic version of the activity is also in development.


All materials for the facilitated classroom version of SMARTIC are available through the CAMEL website.  If you need guidance on how to run the activity, or have feedback based on your experience, contact us at

Organization Name: 
Barnard College
Teachers College
Kiel Future Ocean
Project Lead: 
Stephanie Pfirman
Tom Toynton
Jörn Schmidt
Key Personnel: 
Joey Lee
Chris Vicari
Christian de-Luna
Dennis Nissen
Michel Magens
Jessica Brunacini